How to convert BGR to LAB in OpenCV Python

You can convert an image from BGR to LAB using OpenCV Python by following the given steps. I highly recommend you get the “Computer Vision: Models, Learning, and Inference Book” to learn Computer Vision.

How to convert BGR to LAB in OpenCV Python
How to convert BGR to LAB in OpenCV Python

Step 1

Import the OpenCV library. If OpenCV is not installed in your system then first install it using This Method.

import cv2 
#cv2 is used for OpenCV library

Step 2

Now read the image from the location. In my case “F:\\AiHints” is the location and “apple.jpg” is the name of the image. Change it according to your image location and name.

image = cv2.imread("C://AiHints//apple.jpg")
#imread is use to read an image from a location

Step 3

Now convert the BGR image to Lab.

lab_image = cv2.cvtColor(image, cv2.COLOR_BGR2Lab)

Step 4

Now display the original, and Lab image using the following code.

cv2.imshow("Original Image", image)
cv2.imshow("LAB Image", lab_image)
Original Image
Lab Image

Step 5

waitKey() open the image for a specific time in milliseconds until you press any key. The function cv2.destroyAllWindows() will destroy all the windows that we created.


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