How to Draw Filled Rectangle in OpenCV Python

You can draw a filled rectangle in OpenCV Python by following the given steps. I highly recommend you get the “Computer Vision: Models, Learning, and Inference Book” to learn Computer Vision.

How to Draw Filled Rectangle in OpenCV Python
How to Draw Filled Rectangle in OpenCV Python

Step 1

Import the OpenCV library. If OpenCV is not installed in your system then first install it using This Method.

import cv2 
#cv2 is used for OpenCV library

Step 2

Now read the image from the location. In my case “C:\\AiHints” is the location and “AI.jpg” is the name of the image. Change it according to your image location and name.

image = cv2.imread("C:\\AiHints\\AI.jpg")
#imread is use to read an image from a location

Step 3

Now I will draw a filled rectangle on the image using the following code. In the code, (10,10) is the starting point, and (100,100) is the final point of the rectangle on the diagonal. After that, I will specify a color for the rectangle (0,255,0) that is green color. The last parameter in both methods is for the filled rectangle. You can change any value according to your requirement.

# Both methods will give same results. You can use any method to draw filled rectangle

image2 = cv2.rectangle(image,(10,10),(100,100),(0,255,0),-1) #Method 1

image2 = cv2.rectangle(image,(10,10),(100,100),(0,255,0),cv2.FILLED) #Method 2

Step 4

To display the image in a specified window use ”imshow” function.

cv2.imshow("Green Filled Rectangle on Image",image2)

Step 5

“waitKey(0)” will display a window until any key is pressed. “destroyAllWindows()” will destroy all the windows that we created.



Green Filled Rectangle on Image using OpenCV

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