Top 30 Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 2022

In this article, we will discuss the top 30 applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Almost every field is being transformed by artificial intelligence. AI will generate $13 trillion in value by 2030, according to a McKinsey Global Institute report. Artificial Intelligence is already adding significant value to the software industry and it will also create huge value in other sectors such as retail, agriculture, healthcare, transportation, telecom, and so on.

Top 30 Applications of AI
Top 30 Applications of AI

Here is the list of the top 30 Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 2022:

  1. AI in Retail
  2. AI in Transportation
  3. AI in Manufacturing Industry
  4. AI in Healthcare
  5. AI in Telecommunication
  6. AI in Agriculture
  7. AI in Marketing
  8. AI in Radiology
  9. AI in Web Development
  10. AI in Cyber Security
  11. AI in Architecture
  12. AI in Nutrition
  13. AI in Business
  14. AI in Supply Chain
  15. AI in Robotics
  16. AI in Social Media
  17. AI in Dentistry
  18. AI in Drug Discovery
  19. AI in Education
  20. AI in Video Games
  21. AI in Ecommerce
  22. AI in Food Industry
  23. AI in Military
  24. AI in Banking
  25. AI in Law
  26. AI in Textile Sector
  27. AI in Nursing
  28. AI in Recruitment
  29. AI in Accounting
  30. AI in Engineering

Artificial Intelligence in Retail

AI will reshape the entire retail industry by giving tremendous applications in retail such as chatbots, price predictions, product categorization, visual search, voice search, emotional response, supply chain management, customer satisfaction tracking, and behavior prediction of customers. You can also read more about AI in Retail.

Artificial Intelligence in Transportation

There are many applications of AI in transportation such as Autonomous vehicles, Traffic Management, Passenger Transportation, Airport Face scanning, Smartphone Applications, Law Enforcement, Flight Delay Prediction, and Drone Taxis. You can also read more about AI in Transportation.

Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing Industry

Applications of AI in the Manufacturing Industry are Digital Twins, New Product Development, Generative Design Customization, Shop Floor Performance, Process Optimization, Predictive Maintenance, Price Forecasting of Raw material, Robotics, Quality Assurance, Dark Factories, and Safety and Fast Decision making. You can also read more about AI in Manufacturing Industry.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

There are many applications of AI in Healthcare: Earlier and accurate cancer detection, survival prediction, and Drug discovery. You can also read more about AI in Healthcare.

Artificial Intelligence in Telecommunication

AI also helps in the telecommunication sector with different uses such as Virtual Assistants, Fraud Detection, Network optimization, Robotic process automation (RPA), Customer Satisfaction, Data-Driven Decision Making, Preventive maintenance, and also generate more revenue. You can also read more about AI in Telecommunication.

Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture

Artificial Intelligence is very helpful in agriculture because of these applications: Detect Pests, analyze Farm Data, timely harvesting, Precision Agriculture, water management, and Autonomous Tractors. You can also read more about AI in Agriculture.

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

There are many applications of AI in marketing such as data analysis, chatbots, sales forecasting, content generation, automated decision making, and real-time personalization. You can also read more about AI in Marketing.

Artificial Intelligence in Radiology

Artificial Intelligence helps radiologists in early detection, Accuracy, Prioritizing urgent cases, AI-based Quantification, Productivity, Physician Support, and report development. You can also read more about AI in Radiology.

Artificial Intelligence in Web Development

There are some applications of AI in Web Development that improve user experience with chatbots, web design, marketing strategy, analyzing customer behavior, personalized store experience, and quality assurance. You can also read more about AI in Web Development.

Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security

AI helps in cybersecurity in different ways such as risk prediction, preventing credit-card frauds, better vulnerability management, Identifying threats early, fast response to incidents, and accelerate detection and response times. You can also read more about AI in Cyber Security.

Artificial Intelligence in Architecture

AI is used in Architecture to reduce building costs, making better building calculations, and improving the security of buildings. You can read more about AI in Architecture.

Artificial Intelligence in Nutrition

AI is used in Nutrition for the planning of nutritional meals for different diseases such as cancer, obesity, and cardiovascular. AI is also used for precision nutrition and fitness. You can read more about AI in Nutrition.

Artificial Intelligence in Business

AI is used in business for Product Recommendations, Customer service, Targeted Marketing, Business Intelligence, and generating automated business reports. You can read more about AI in Business.

Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain

AI is used in the supply chain for demand forecasting, Predictive Analysis, Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), building data robustness, Supply Chain Planning (SCP), and reducing delivery times and costs. You can read more about AI in Supply Chain.

Artificial Intelligence in Robotics

There are many applications of AI in robotics such as Robotic packaging, Robotic Assembly, Customer service, and Open-Source Robotics. Two types of robots are most popular these days i.e. Service robots and Industrial robots. You can read more about AI in Robotics.

Artificial Intelligence in Social Media

AI is used for different tasks in social media such as Image Recognition, Sentiment Analysis, AI-powered Chatbots, and Enhanced Security. You can read more about AI in Social Media.

Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry

AI is very helpful in dentistry for the Detection of Dental decay, Dental Analytics, Detection of Oral cancer, and Robotic surgery. You can read more about AI in Dentistry.

Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery

AI is also used for drug design, drug repurposing, drug screening, and chemical synthesis. You can read more about AI in Drug Discovery.

Artificial Intelligence in Education

Artificial intelligence (AI) is used in Education for Trial-and-error learning, Personalization of Education, Production of Smart Content, Automation of Grading, Voice Assistants, Automatic creation of curriculum, Better interaction with students, finding subjects specialists, and unbiased feedback. You can read more about AI in Education.

Artificial Intelligence in Video Games

Artificial intelligence (AI) is used in video games to generate intelligent behaviors like humans in non-player characters. You can read more about AI in Video Games.

Artificial Intelligence in E-commerce

There are many applications of AI in E-commerce such as Customized Recommendations, Automated Content Creation, Intelligent Visual Search Engine, Personalized Communication, Predictive Marketing and Sales, Advanced Voice Search, and Augmented Network Security. You can read more about AI in E-commerce.

Artificial Intelligence in Food Industry

AI is used in the food industry for Maintaining product quality, Color Detection, Predict issues in machinery performance, Actionable insights from sensor data, and Object Detection. You can read more about AI in Food Industry.

Artificial Intelligence in Military

AI use in the military for several tasks such as Target Recognition, Processing large volumes of data, Warfare systems, Cybersecurity, Logistics and Transport, Warfare Healthcare, Monitoring of Threats and Safety of Military Personnel, and Combat Simulation and Training. You can read more about AI in the Military.

Artificial Intelligence in Banking

AI helps the banking sector in different ways such as Fraud Detection, Collection and analysis of Data, AML Pattern Detection, AI chatbots, Algorithmic Trading, Automation in banking, and for better Customer Experience. You can read more about AI in Banking.

Artificial Intelligence in Law

AI is also used in law for Legal Research, Case Prediction, Legal Analytics, Litigation Strategy, Rendering Legal Advice, Procurement, Compliance, and Contract Review. You can read more about AI in Law.

Artificial Intelligence in Textile Sector

AI helps in the textile sector in different ways such as in customer experience, machine-assisted designs, tracking the latest fashion trends, and garment manufacturing. You can read more about AI in Textile Sector.

Artificial Intelligence in Nursing

AI has different applications in nursing such as Voice Assistance, Visual Recognition, Robots and E-Nurses, Expert Systems. You can read more about AI in Nursing.

Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment

AI is also used in recruitment for Conversation Analytics, Reference Checking, Interviews with Robots, AI-powered background checks, AI for internal mobility, and Rerouting candidates. You can read more about AI in Recruitment.

Artificial Intelligence in Accounting

AI is used in accounting for many tasks such as Cash Flow Management, Pay/Receive Processing, Supplier Onboarding, Procurement, and Audits. You can read more about AI in Accounting.

Artificial Intelligence in Engineering

AI helps in engineering in different ways such as performing complex manufacturing tasks using advanced robotics, detecting mistakes, and providing solutions to improve operations, improve connectivity using the internet of things (IoT), and contextual information using image processing that helps in the decision making. You can read more about AI in Engineering.

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