Uses of AI in daily life (Examples of AI in daily life)

The term “Artificial Intelligence” may seem intimidating to some but in daily life, this technology is changing the daily life perspective. It’s been a decade now that this technology is strengthening its roots in daily life. Artificial Intelligence helps us in every area of life. There are so many examples that anyone can imagine.

Siri in Apple, Bixby in Samsung, and Alexa in Amazon are the perfect examples of AI in our daily life. In recent times, AI is dominating our lives and providing us the easiest platforms to work on. Artificial intelligence is molding our lives in a way that its AI-powered driven apps or products are reducing the workload on humans like NLP which enables the machine to read and interpret the human language.

Artificial Intelligence in Daily Life
Artificial Intelligence in Daily Life

Examples of Artificial Intelligence in daily life

1. Google Maps and Ride-Hailing Applications

With the introduction of Google Maps, one doesn’t have to be worried or put thoughts into traveling to new destinations. All you have to do is to enter the address where you want to go and boom Google maps will provide you the shortest and easiest way to that address. This all has been possible because of AI which provides a much more enhanced experience. It’s the coding and algorithms which are fed into the apps or systems which understand the traffic, routes, or buildings and provide the shortest routes to avoid any blockages or delays. Uber is also an example which is using AI and providing the safest journeys to people.

2. Face Recognition and Detection

In no time these two applications of AI have taken the world by storm. We can unlock our smartphones by just looking at the phone. The use of a virtual filter while taking pictures is another example. This all has been possible with the help of AI tools which are designed in this way that they identify the facial coordinates, facial landmarks, and facial alignments. Another example is the facial recognition cameras which are installed on airports that use facial ID checks to allow the passengers to board on the plane or not.

3. Text Editors or Autocorrect

While typing out documents or making an excel document or presentation, remember when some incorrect words have been typed the software automatically corrects them. This software also suggests the best vocabulary and points out grammatical mistakes. These are the artificial intelligence algorithms that are running behind the scene which identify the incorrect use of vocab or grammar while writing a document.

4. Healthcare and Medical Imaging Analysis

In the healthcare sector, Artificial intelligence is playing a vital role by powering the latest machines which diagnose, analyze, and later predict the various types of disease and monitor the patients’ health. MRI machines, ECG machines, and many more machines are the best applications of AI in the medical sector. AI is making the treatment and management processes much simpler.

5. Advertisements

Advertisements are more personalized nowadays. The use of Artificial intelligence in advertisements is very common. Artificial intelligence is being used to track people’s preferences and promote ads based on their previous choice.

6. Autopilot and Smart cars

AI technology introduces an enhanced version of Autopilot. Commercial airlines are investing in AI. Pilots are using autopilot mode very commonly and it’s been reported by the NY times that only seven minutes of human-steered flight is involved in the average flight of Boeing.

Imagine you just have to sit in the car and the car drives itself. Yes, it’s here, TESLA. The smart cars produced by Tesla are an example of AI technology in the motor industry.

7. Emails and Categorization

Gmail uses AI algorithms that categorize the emails based on their importance i.e., primary, social, or promotion as well as labeling them important. When users mark such emails as important, Gmail learns. This helps the user to spend less time on unimportant emails and also this shows the most important emails on the top.

8. Smart Home Devices and Smartphones

Smart technology is making everything smart. Smart home appliances are the other example of AI applications. Every device is just one word or one touch away from being shut down or start. In the old days, thermometers and other equipment were used for checking BP or oxygen level but now all you have to do is use your smartphone, it can tell you everything, temperature, heart rate, BP, oxygen level, and many more things. It can remind you to drink enough amount of water-based on height and weight to stay hydrated.

9. Music and Netflix

3 to 4 years ago you had to search your favorite songs on YouTube. There was no recommended songs option. Now, when you listen to songs on AI-powered YouTube, it learns about the music taste of the user and recommends the songs based on the user’s taste. You see a long list of songs just based on the user’s search in that specific genre.

The same goes for movies as Netflix has transformed the streaming platform and enables the users to watch movies at home online. The company’s search engine is also powered by artificial intelligence. Its suggestions are based on the past viewing history.

10. Social Media

All of the social media apps are AI-powered. When you open any of the apps, you see friend recommendations, restaurant recommendations where you should dine, memes shared by pages, ads, and much more stuff. This all has been possible because of Artificial intelligence technology. It’s because of the past searches or viewing history that is being learned by these tools. Suggestions are being highlighted when you upload photos on Instagram or Facebook. Twitter suggests to you the people you should follow based on the tweets you liked or reposted. That’s how AI is modernizing social platforms.


Artificial Intelligence is making our lives well organized and efficient in all manner. Our lives are impacted by AI through smartphones, the use of the internet, listening to songs, watching movies on streaming websites, google maps, online shopping, and many other things.

Artificial intelligence is positively influencing our lives. Many people have reservations regarding AI but don’t they know AI is used by them in so many ways. The algorithms used by AI are already serving as time-savers. Humans are so much dependent on artificial intelligence by the use of utilities provided by AI. There are more inventions yet to come in the coming future which will change the human race.


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