How AI can Transform the Telecommunication Industry

The telecommunication industry has been a high-yielding field of AI applications. The implementation of AI-powered apps was first introduced and used in the telecom industry. So, if someone talks about the future of AI, just examine the status of AI in telecommunication. It’s the center of applications of AI. Both AI and telecommunication are playing their parts to revolutionize the world.

Artificial Intelligence in Telecommunication
Artificial Intelligence in Telecommunication

Telecommunication’s infrastructure is getting better and better with each passing day with the help of AI applications. The growth in AI means the growth in the complexity of networks creating opportunities on is a larger scale for the people. Telecommunication companies are using AI to improve the customer experience, enable self-service, improve the maintenance of equipment and reduce operational costs.

Today’s Customer and Market Value

Artificial intelligence is transforming the world. The main goal in today’s world is to provide the best services to the customer. As the technologies are advancing to the next level, complexities are also increasing. If the services, interface, or quality of the network will not be user-friendly and up to the mark, today’s customers will not be happy.

According to Transparency Market Research, the global market for AI to reach 36.1% CAGR between the years 2016 to 2024, increasing the value of US$ 3061.35 billion by the end of 2024 from US$ 1216.14 billion in 2015.

Trends in Telecom Sector

The collection of large-scale data of consumers over the years from the customer base helps companies of telecom to provide better services and assists the customers most efficiently. Due to this, customer demands also increase creating a challenging environment for the telecom companies. Artificial intelligence can cope with these issues. Telecoms are utilizing the power of AI to analyze and process the huge volumes of customer data to extract insights to provide much better customer experiences, improve their operations and increase their revenues.

Let’s have a look at some telecom industry trends which are being driven by AI.

1- Network Optimization

Artificial Intelligence is now essential for customer service providers (CSPs) to build self-optimizing networks. Operators of CSPs must have the ability to optimize the quality of the network which is based on traffic information. AI-driven apps use advanced algorithm patterns and data mining to detect and predict network anomalies, enabling operators to fix the problem as soon as possible without making a negative impact on the customer.

Customer service providers are investing billions of dollars into AI technologies to improve their infrastructure, operations, services, and products. According to Gartner, this will increase from 30% in 2020 to 70% in 2025.

2- Predictive Maintenance

Network automation will provide better root cause analysis and prediction of problems that occur in the telecom industry. AI-powered analytics are the latest trends in the telecom sector. This system utilizes the data with the help of built-in complex algorithms and machine learning techniques to provide better services to the customers. This model also predicts the failures of equipment so that companies can proactively fix problems with hardware such as power lines, cell towers, data center servers, and many more.

3- Virtual and Voice Assistants

With the introduction of AI-powered virtual assistants, the market value of telecom companies exponentially rises. Such assistants can help customers in so many ways like troubleshooting, installations, setups, maintenance, and replacing old products with new ones. This is called self-service capability which is being implemented by CSPs with AI-driven systems.

Voice assistant technology is designed to reduce customer service costs. Nowadays, these assistants are helping customers in a way one cannot even imagine. Customers can pay their bills, order online, study, research on any subject and can do many other things by just saying the words they like.

4- Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Forrester data shows, 44% of CSPs are using RPA technology to thrive in this era. It is because RPA can decrease the workload of staff by 50% and streamline the process and increase the profit of companies.

The chances of human error in complex tasks are always high. In the telecom sector, networking is complex. There is a massive amount of data of customers who are subjected to human error. RPA is used to overcome these errors. It brings better efficiency by carrying out back-office operations, doing repetitive and rule-based tasks. RPA adds value to work, as it allows the CPS staff to focus more on different tasks.

5- Ensuring non-bias

AI can potentially be used to transform our industry on so many levels. Complexity in telecommunications spans multiple levels. The Telecom industry wants to provide a unique experience to its customers by sticking to the industry standards. AI-powered apps are being used to design new products and services which are based on the feedback of customers. Companies can analyze and process the customer’s data and use them to make more personalized products that will attract the customer. We have to be sure that the data we feed that specific data which a system requires otherwise the system will be biased.

Future of AI in Telecom

AI-driven system has a huge role and potential in the telecom industry. The future of AI is very bright in telecom as the telecom industry is the one that used AI expert systems initially. AI will reshape the telecom industry, the way the industry operates, the way they engage with customers, create new opportunities and products, predicting the trends of AI in telecom.

The best example of AI in telecom is the invention of 5G. It’s the next generation of networks enabling them to apply AI to networks. This technology will be a huge success as it will change the art of the network and help the companies to generate more revenue and also save a lot of money by smart network optimization.


Telecom companies are investing a lot in AI. These companies are ensuring that their customers will get the best services. More personalized user interfaces are helping the customers in the telecom industry. The market value of the telecom industry after the integration of AI, increasing day by day. 5G technology is here and working on 6G has already started.

AI is tremendously growing in the telecommunication sector. New products will be launched based on customer’s feedback and experience. So, we can say that with the implementation and integration of AI-based software, apps, and systems, the future of telecommunication is very bright.

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