How to load dataset in Seaborn

You can load the dataset in Seaborn with the following code. I highly recommend you “Python Crash Course Book” to learn Python.

Load Built-in Datasets in Seaborn

You can load the built-in datasets that are available in seaborn with the following code. You have to change the name of the dataset only. These datasets are available in seaborn now.


Example 1: Load fmri Dataset

import seaborn as sns
dataset = sns.load_dataset("fmri")

Example 2: Load iris

import seaborn as sns
dataset = sns.load_dataset("iris")

Load your own Dataset

You can import your own dataset with the following method. When you use Seaborn to load a dataset it also provides Pandas DataFrame. In both cases, the type of dataset is Pandas DataFrame.

import pandas as pd
dataset = pd.read_csv("heart.csv")

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