How to convert JPG to TIFF in Python

You can convert a JPG image to TIFF in Python by following the given steps. If you want to learn Computer Vision then I will highly recommend you to read This book.

Step 1

Install the Pillow library.

pip install Pillow

Step 2

Now import the Image from PIL. PIL is used for the Pillow library as an alias.

from PIL import Image

Step 3

Now read the image from the location. In my case “C:\\AiHints” is the location and “cat.jpg” is the name of the image. Change it according to your image location and name.

image ="C:\\AiHints\\cat.jpg")

Step 4

This code will convert the above jpg image into a tiff and will save it at the location “C:\\AiHints”."C:\\AiHints\\cat.tiff")

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