How to Migrate in Django

In this Django tutorial, you will learn about how to migrate in Django step by step.

Step 1: Setting Up Your Django Project

Before you can start working with migrations, you need to have a Django project in place. You can create the Django project using the following command:

django-admin startproject projectname

Step 2: Defining Your Models

Models in Django are representations of database tables. You need to define your models in your Django app, specifying fields and relationships. This forms the foundation for migrations.

Step 3: Creating Initial Migrations

Once you’ve defined your models, you can create the initial migration files using the following command:

python makemigrations

Step 4: Applying Migrations

To apply migrations and update your database schema, use the following command:

python migrate


Migration in Django ensures that your database evolves with your application, making it easier to maintain and scale. For more concise guides and insights on various topics, visit AiHints.

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